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Classic Egyptian Hookahs
(5 customer reviews)

22inch Medium genuine Egyptian hookah (2pipe)


When ordering this item, please put in the notes of your order the preferred colour you would like to receive.

Available colours is, 

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Orange
  5. Black
  6. White

Stock colour depends on stock availability.

The great Nile, the longest and most well-known river in both ancient and modern societies, was the lifeline of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Its unending source of sustenance and fertility is what made ancient Egypt the best structured in history – and now you too can experience this unparalleled structure with the Top Mark 2-hosed hookah.

At 22″ tall, the Top Mark hookah pipe is hand-crafted with the most solid and sturdy stainless steel – both inside and out – so there is no need to worry about rust. The large glass base is hand-blown by skilled Egyptian artisans and ensures a thick, tasty smoke with every puff.

The hose adapters have the “auto-seal” function, allowing for up to 2 people to smoke at once without having to plug up the end of the hose with your thumb. The bowl is made of sturdy clay, the same material as ancient pottery forged from the nutrient-rich soil of the Nile Delta.

Take a dip in the Top Mark – experience unequaled and timeless pleasure not felt since the dawn of the Egyptian civilization. Due to the nature of hand-painted glass bases, individual designs may differ from those depicted.


* Tongs
* Cleaning brush
* Hookah hose
* Egyptian style bowl

5 reviews for 22inch Medium genuine Egyptian hookah (2pipe)

  1. Terence Ramatisa

    Good day,

    I hope this mail finds you well.

    I will like to ask where is your store located ?

    How much will it cost me to buy 15 Egyptians hubbly?


  2. sharozae

    Do you have this 2 pipe Egyptian in another color

    • dajani rajai

      Yes we do have the egyptian 2 pipe in different colors except white.

  3. Kirstie

    How do I pay for a order and is delivery included in the price. Where is your shop located?

    • dajani rajai

      Hi Kirstie I hope you are well.Our branches are in Carnival Mall,Bunero park, North Mead Square etc.Log onto our website you will find our banking details and yes their will be a delivery fee.

  4. Thando Motsitsi

    good site

  5. Cuban Fredericks

    Does it come with the pipes ?

    • dajani rajai

      Hi there, yes all egyptian hookah’s come with pipes and pipe & bottle cleaner.

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