LED and Artisinal Hookahs
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Branded Ceramic Hookah


we have most of Rugby team Brands, 

this nice hookah come on two sizes Large and Medium and you can use it in one pipe or 2 pipe if you remove the stopper, its come on white and black color


Please note that the hookah comes without the pipes.

1 review for Branded Ceramic Hookah

  1. Chris Mdange

    Amazing… I am thrilled!!
    Though I would like to ask if would it be possible for you to brand those types of ceramic hookahs with my own brand of choice, to be clear, with my own company brand logo!?

    I will leave my email address below, I would really appreciate your response. Thank you.

    • dajani rajai

      Good day, unfortunately that would not be possible from our side. You can always purchase the products and do it from your side.

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