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Phoenix Hookah Foil Pack (50 Sheets) with Holes


The Black Box

This package contains 50 sheets of pre-cut “hookah friendly” aluminum foil squares from the creators of the high quality Lavoo Hookah. Simply cover the top of your hookah bowl with these (shiny side down!) and poke a bunch of tiny holes with a toothpick or thumbtack and you’re ready to go. These hookah foils are convenient, they cut down on set up time, and are perfect for traveling with. Each circle measures 4″ in diameter and will fit any hookah bowl out there.

1 review for Phoenix Hookah Foil Pack (50 Sheets) with Holes

  1. Fona

    I’d like to know that can I stock all the Hubble items

    • dajani rajai

      Good day,

      Yes you can. We can assist you regarding this matter.
      You can contact us via email at admin@tobaccoville.co.za or on whatsapp at 0738221139 what ever is more convenient to you.

      Thank you,

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