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Square E-Head Clearomizer for Electronic Hookah Bowl tank


Time to replace the clearomizer on your Square E-Head E-Hookah Bowl? We’ve got you covered. This is a clear flavor tank that holds up to 10mL of e-liquid. It couldn’t be easier to use: just fill it with e-juice, screw on the top, and attach it to the Square E-Head. The E-Head clearomizer has a magnetic connection that makes it easy to pop on and off, making cleaning and refilling your E-Head a snap. This replacement atomizer¬†also includes the E-Head heating coil. Remember, if you need to clean the Square E-Head clearomizer, simply wipe the parts down with a soft cloth – do not use water.

Note: This clearomizer will only work with the Square E-Head Electronic Hookah Bowl.


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