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Classic Egyptian Hookahs
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30inch Long genuine Egyptian hookah (4pipe)


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The word “Pharaoh” stirs up images of a great and powerful Egyptian king, adorned with a golden head-dress and the finest robes sitting upon a jewel-encrusted throne, an army of servants by his side, and a loyal following of millions ready to abide by his bidding. The days of the Pharaoh are long gone, but nothing can take you back to this glorious time in history like the Pharaoh 4-hosed hookah! 

At a towering 30 inches tall, the Pharaoh hookah is something to be marveled. Each component of this pipe is hand-crafted in the heart of Egypt, the land that the ancient Pharaoh ruled over many millennia ago. The shaft is made of rust-resistant stainless steel; the large base is made of the sturdiest hand-blown glass, and the bowl made of solid clay – materials fit for the noblest of ancient rulers.

The Pharaoh hookah also comes with elaborately decorated matching cobra hoses, known not only for their high quality but for their exotic cobra-shaped heads, the likeness of which has been found inscribed in hieroglyphics on tombs of great Egyptian nobility.  The hose adapters have the “autoseal” function, allowing for up to 4 people to smoke at once without having to plug up the end of the hose with your thumb. The Pharaoh’s large base ensures a solid, thick, and robust smoke unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Much like the Pharaoh ruled over ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh hookah will rule over your social gathering, hookah party, or simply exude stunning presence in your living room, sure to draw curiosity and wonder from anyone in view of its towering awesomeness. 



* Tongs
* Cleaning brush
* Egyptian style bowl
* Setup and Care instructions

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