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Independence Cigar Original Flavor


Independence smokers are always extravagantly present – with their style and with the extraordinary packaging of their favorite brand. No matter if it is the cigar in the striking tube, or the Small Filter Cigar in the cool metal box: Independence products are making impressions, even before they are smoked. However, Independence would not be a product of Arnold André if only the packaging was something special. The precious wrapper of Independence cigars is harvested in Sumatra. Experts know that this is recognized as one of the best tobacco growing areas in the world. Refined with a touch of vanilla, the tobacco blend is compelling even to the most demanding cigar connoisseur.

1 review for Independence Cigar Original Flavor

  1. Ben Snyman

    First I got a slight sweetness almost like a sweetened tip, the rest of the cigar was a woody vanilla taste. Very nice!!

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