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BigBang – Lemon Mint 50g


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When life gives you lemons, mix them with mint and make shisha with it! That’s what Big Bang has done with their Lemon With Mint hookah tobacco, it’s a match made in Heaven of two of the top Big Bang shisha flavors. Both flavors are clean and refreshing on their own, giving the smoker a cooling sensation you might get while chewing gum. Together, these Big Bang shisha tobacco flavors create a mix that is extremely smooth and refreshing to smoke. The Lemon With Mint does not produce thunder clouds, but enough smoke for you to enjoy. This amazing flavor from Big Bang will keep you content and smoking for hours.

The meeting of lemon and mint in your hookah bowl seems like it was a gift from the hookah gods, and you might think it sacrilegious to alter this holy mixture. Fear not. We encourage the adventurous, and recommend experimenting with this amazing concoction. Try adding another citrus flavor into the equation!


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