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Kanger Clearomizer Coil Unit Replacement for ProTank, EVOD & UniTank


Kanger Coil Head Description

These Kanger e-cig dual coil units are designed to work with Kanger Evod, Protank2 (regular and Mini), and Unitank bottom coil clearomizers. Regular replacement of your coils will ensure the best performance from your clearomizer and result in superior flavor from your e-liquids. (For best performance, replace your coil head every 20-30ml of e-juice vaped).

Different liquids vape differently, depending on PG to VG ratio, so having a replacement coil heads with different ohm ratings will make sure you are getting the best possible clouds from your eliquid.
As a general rule, there are two ways to increase cloud size: either up your batteries voltage or lower the ohm rating of your coil. If your battery voltage isn’t adjustable, coil heads are an easy way to fine tune your electronic cigarette. Lower ohms = higher current draw, and thus bigger clouds. It is not recommended to use an eGo-T battery with an ohm rating lower the 2 ohms. (Make sure you know your battery’s limitations before using coils rated below 2 ohms).

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